Team and Pre-Team athletes devote many hours of intense training year round in perfecting their competitive skills and routines in a never ending effort to become the best gymnasts they can be. They are also developing life skills that will prepare them for young adulthood in a very competitive world.

Team Goals: To be competitive at every level while keeping our athletes strong, healthy, team oriented and ready for a full college gymnastics experience.

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USA Gymnastics (USAG)

  • USAG Xcel Levels Gold, Platinum & Diamond compete in local, state and Regional invitational meets from December - May and train year round.
  • USAG Compulsory Levels 3 - 5 compete in local, state and invitational meets from September - February and train year round.
  • USAG Optional Levels 6 - 10 compete in local, state, regional, national and invitational meets from December - May and train year round.

Jersey Optional Gymnastics Association (JOGA) Programs

  • JOGA Optional Level 1 competes using NFHSGA Rules (same as NJ High Schools) against other NJ gymnastics clubs. The JOGA competitive season follows the NJ High School season and our team trains year round.


  • USAG & JOGA Pre-Teams train 2 - 6 hours/week developing basic strength, flexibility, coordination, gymnastics skills, routines required to enter the competitive program.

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